My husband and I have not been lucky to sire our own children. Two years ago we agreed that we would adopt a baby from the orphanage. Not only would we have someone to take care of but also contribute to the society by taking in one of its less fortunate. The lady at the adoption agency granted our request and after inspecting our home she informed us that we would have to baby proof everything to ensure the safety of our child. We set out to remodel our house to clear out everything that would potentially be hazard to our little angel. The vases had to go, we had to put in safety gates for the stairs, putting away the lighters, onboard knives compartment was exchanged for a lockable kitchen cabinet. When it came to electricals our plumber suggested that we choose you. When I called in and explained our situation the electrician service was all too glad to send in a crew to check out potential hazards. The recommendations spelt out that we would have to part with a considerable sum. We had gone through the statistics of children who fell victim to hazards in houses that had no proofing. Therefore we knew all too well that the security of our kid was paramount to the amount we were to spend. We bought and installed the electrical outlet caps to prevent sticking of metal prongs in them. Secondly, we bought the outlet covers to prevent unplugging of our appliances. The strip covers for the power extension cords was crucial to protection the cord that were plugged in. This would be useful too in prevent him from nibbling on cords that ran in the house. In all the work took less than a week. When time came to write the check I was a little bit exhausted and ended up writing an excess amount. The company called in later to enquire about the amount and mailed back the check for correction. The kid came in a month later and we can gladly report that he now walking. He is a living proof that professional proofing works.


The electrician service you sent in to our home was an amazing bunch. Earlier this year my father in law had broken his hip while mowing his lawn. He agreed to move in our house where we could take better care of him while he recovered from a surgery to give him a titanium hip replacement. To accommodate movement, we saw it fit to install a stair lift to enable him to move up and down the stairs. His buddy had had you install one for him and with his suggestion we came up to you. The electrician service technicians requested to check out the house to determine the feasibility of such an installation. Thankfully there wasn’t any alterations required except installing a power outlet. The rail worked well until he recovered but we will keep it just in case.


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